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White Glove Delivery

Recommended for Residential Moves

White Glove Delivery Service:

We are a white-glove company that offers a product inspection service before delivery that inspects:

2-4 Hour Delivery Window

Product Inspection Before Delivery

Our white glove service is complimentary for your convenience. If your order is in stock, we will fill your order and deliver it within 2-3 business days. We will arrange to have the package picked up at your location then inspect your product before delivery.
  • All items are inspected to ensure they match the description of the seller and are in good condition
  • Our team inspects electronics, appliances, clothing, collectibles, artwork, and much more
  • We are a third party company that offers a truly unbiased and impartial inspection service.
  • To ensure that all items meet your description, we will inspect them. Any defects or damages we find will be notified to you, and you will be able to decide whether or not to proceed with delivery
  • There will be no additional charges if we make the delivery If we fail to deliver your items, we will return them to you
  • Placement in Room of Choice

    • Free to customers who sign up to ship with us.
    • We will gladly help you with your shipment, as we have a dedicated team of customer service and product specialists who will be there for you every step of the way.
    • Our company provides high-quality solutions that help our customers reach customers worldwide.
    • With our high level of customer service and low prices, we make our customers happier.
    • We have a diversified customer base including businesses, institutions, and individuals.
    • With our extensive expertise, we can assist in all aspects of shipping for our customers.

    Light assembly Included

    • Our team of professionals will place and assemble light furniture pieces for your convenience.
    • Extensive assembly may require additional services. 

    Removal of all packaging material

    • Our team of professionals will leave your home ready for you to set up, with no boxes or packing materials in your way. 

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