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White Glove Delivery Service:

Recommended for Residential Moves

White glove delivery is the most premium and complete form of packaging, delivery, and on-site furniture assembly service that you can get. It’s the Cadillac of moving and shipping services and is essentially a complete package of moving and delivery services. If you are moving to a new home, then you will usually want to take full advantage of our white glove delivery service.

Threshold Deliveries:

Door to Door Delivery

To ensure your packages are delivered safely we offer Door-to-Door Threshold Delivery. This protects your packages from theft, elemental damage, and ensures delivery.

Curbside Drop Off:

Door at Door Delivery

Drop at door shipping includes leaving on the porch, in the driveway, or anywhere the consignee designates as acceptable that is not in the home, or has anything of value such as the garage.

Entire Home Furniture Installation:

Perfect for New Home Furnishing or Redesigns

We will assemble and place furnishings for all rooms of your home. This service is perfect for furnishing new homes, or for full interior re-design.

Full Container Service

International Container Shipping

Residential and Commercial On-site container shipping service. Variety of sizes to fit your needs, and we ship to a variety of Countries.  


Short or Long Term Shipping & Storage

End-to-End Logistics service for large-scale transportation and storage. 

Expedited Air Freight:

Extra Fast Delivery!

Our fastest delivery service. All the same quality of service with an expedited delivery time. 

Service FAQs

Curb Side Delivery includes drop at door delivery of the carton(s) to the door, porch, in the driveway, anywhere consignee designates as acceptable that is NOT in the home or has anything of value (garage) & needs no signature. If inside home placement is needed, see our Threshold Delivery service. 

Threshold Shipping includes taking cartons inside the front door, garage or the lobby of an apartment or condominium. This method places products on the first dry area of the recipient’s property no more than 10-15 feet inside to ensure protection from the elements with NO unpacking or assembly. If Room of Choice placement is needed, see our Room of Choice delivery service. 

Room of Choice simply upgrade Offshore Threshold Delivery whichever room the customer desires if there is a clear path and location for placement. This service does not include assembly. If Assembly and Debris removal is needed, see our White Glove delivery service. 

White Glove Shipping includes Room of choice delivery, placement in location plus assembly per manufacturer’s assembly instruction, debris, and dunnage removal. Offshore Express delivers inside residential areas, high rise apartments needing required appointments, documentations, and license to schedule along with Commerical White Glove Installations for Hotels. Offshore Express White Glove is an all-inclusive service that prides itself on high quality levels of communication and Teamwork that complete all projects for all customers. 

Delivery To Alaska

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Delivery To Hawaii

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Delivery To Puerto Rico

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Delivery To Guam

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