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Why Choose Room of Choice Delivery

A Room of Choice upgrade designates a central location where you will receive your delivery. This can be advantageous for a plethora of reasons. Typically this can help customers easily unpack and assemble their items in the room they are going. This mitigates physical strain and allows for easy assembly. 

Room of Choice will include minor debris and item moving. However, if the delivery location doesn’t have a clean path an upgrade to white glove delivery is recommended. You must make a clear and safe path to be eligible for Room of Choice Delivery. Room of Choice includes locations on the second and third floors.

Whether it’s a new ottoman or dining room table; using Room of Choice delivery can help you get your new item where it needs to go. This helps change your return on investment by lowering the cost of having movers manhandle your new items. By upgrading to Room of Choice you get a specific choice over your delivery. This can mitigate damages that can happen when you decided on curbside delivery. By choosing Room of Choice you can avoid potential damages and avoid having to hire additional movers.

Any delivery company will suggest you use room of choice for any item over a certain weight. This ensures that you will be able to manipulate the item with little or no strain. This matters for things like sofas, tables, dressers, ottomans, safes, appliances and any item over 150 pounds. 

With basic curbside or threshold delivery it can be difficult for you to move larger items. This can create the need to hire movers which can be costly. By choosing room of choice delivery you get a delivery option that gives you the best potential return on investment. If there isn’t a clear path in your home white-glove service is suggested.

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