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Oversized Shipping to Alaska

oversize shipping to Alaska

What is the Best Way to Ship Oversized Items to Alaska?

Offshore Express has dedicated the last 25 years to providing swift, quality, and reliable shipping services to Alaska, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. During the e-commerce boom of the late 1990s, ordering online became possible from virtually any location and the industry exploded. The issue that became increasingly clear was that most companies were unable or unwilling to ship products to Alaska, Guam, Puerto Rico, and Hawaii. Offshore Express stepped in to meet that need in 1998, completing thousands of successful deliveries with the highest quality white-glove service. 

Why Do Some Companies Refuse to Ship Large Items to Alaska? 

One of the most frustrating experiences for consumers and business owners is finding the perfect items online, only to check out and see a disclaimer that reads, “Shipping unavailable to AK.” With modern-day technology, and the numerous shipping methods that have evolved since the turn of the century, why is it that many companies still refuse to ship products to Alaska? 

Cost of Shipping to Alaska 

It’s no secret that inflation, international conflict, and the rising cost of gas in 2022 have affected shipping rates worldwide. This has prompted more and more companies to restructure their shipping policies. Unfortunately in most cases, the first states to be cut off are Alaska and Hawaii, even if the company previously offered to ship to those locations. 

Although Alaska has been a part of the United States since 1959, it sits northwest of Canada, over 1500 miles from the US border in Washington. This means that oversized deliveries can only be made by air or sea transport. In some scenarios, the cost of shipping to Alaska can be greater than the cost of the actual item. Even in cases where the consumer is willing to pay the extra for shipping, many eCommerce companies choose to avoid the hassle entirely. 

Offshore Express has centered its entire business model around creating cost-effective and accessible delivery options to Alaska by air as well as by sea. We even offer overnight shipping by air, white glove delivery to your door, furniture placement, and assembly as well. Click here to learn more and get a custom shipping quote to Alaska. 

Should I Ship My Items to Alaska By Air or Sea?

There are a number of factors to consider when choosing a shipping method. The most important question is simple: how big is the shipment? 

Air freight is one of the fastest ways to transport products to Alaska. Offshore Express offers overnight and express shipping options straight to your door. However, there are a few restrictions. Pallets or packages with heights built over 106 inches and/or oversize widths of 64 inches will not fit into the airplane doors. In cases where your item exceeds these dimensions, sea freight is your best option. 

Although transportation by sea may not be as fast as air shipping, we offer some of the most time-efficient delivery options by sea to Alaska in the industry. Our state-of-the-art cargo ships depart from Washington and your items can be delivered to their destination within 7-14 days. 

There is virtually no item that we can’t ship by sea. From 400-pound dining sets to 800-pound couches, we ensure swift delivery curbside and even offer in-home placement and installation. Yes, this includes apartments with stairs! When it doesn’t seem possible, Offshore Express will make it happen. 

Call us today at (906) 729-0999 for more information on shipping to Alaska, or click here for a custom quote! We look forward to serving you. 

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