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Offshore Express; The Consumer Connection

Offshore Express was created in 1998 with one clear purpose in mind. To bring high-end and large-scale deliveries to previously unreachable destinations. Founder Thomas Hempel first noticed the discrepancy in online shoppings growing success and popularity, with close to every major shopping site stating the same infamous disclaimer,  “Delivery Not Available In HI, AK, PR, or Guam.”

Thus giving Thomas the inspiration for Offshore Express. By dealing directly with suppliers, Offshore Express acts as a shipping and care liaison between Seller and Consumer. Offering full-service shipping and installation/delivery options for all US territories, regardless of terrain or travel. 

Offshore Express sought to stand out from the competition by offering the full White Glove service. Packaging, transport, delivery, assembly, and care of product for almost any shipment you can think of at competitive pricing and having multiple shipping options for companies large and small. Our freight shipping services enabled our clientele to boost their sales on a national level giving their previously isolated consumers unfettered access to goods at unbeatable rates. 

Our most cost-efficient shipping method, ocean freight shipping, is widely used by popular furniture warehouses as their primary method of shipping. Our ocean freight services boast multiple benefits including the ability to transport oversized and bulky cargo at low costs and a long-term solution to sustainable, environmental shipping. 

Offshore Express also offers a quicker freight solution, Air Freight, allowing large shipments to reach their destination within 1-5 days. Our Air Freight services offer a larger network of destinations and allow for less packaging during transport, saving your business money and keeping your goods temperature controlled. Air freight is also a reliable way to guarantee specified shipping time frames for your consumers. This allows for a faster shipping process and is more likely to urge consumers to commit to a purchase. 

Our clients can now offer their consumers threshold delivery through Offshore Express. This means your consumer can choose a specific delivery date and time and our white-glove service will have your goods delivered and assembled if needed. We also offer freight and container storage, a long-term warehousing solution for companies that may want to store their goods on location for quicker, easier access to consumers. 

Our custom quoting tool was generated to give our clients real time responses and allow them to calculate shipping costs. You can use our tool here to generate a quote for any services offered or call us toll-free at 888-896-9296

Please Note* Our online form requires a minimum weight of 378 lbs. If you require a smaller shipment please use our toll free number and we’ll be happy to assist you in gathering a quote.  We look forward to providing you with the ultimate delivery experience here at Offshore Express. 

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