White glove shipping services are the best way to get a fully inclusive shipping experience. With item inspections and potential assembly, white-glove deliveries put you in control of the easiest shipping experience. This option also comes with protective packaging and handling during the shipping process. Most importantly white-glove deliveries are consistently inspected to ensure your satisfaction.

White glove delivery is the best option to guarantee that your items arrive in perfect condition. This will help avoid the dreaded returns process for broken or damaged items thus saving you precious time and energy. With white glove delivery, one also gets real-time updates so you are constantly in the loop throughout the shipping process. It’s best to thoroughly look at the specific services provided by each white glove service provider. This ensures that your shipment is in the hands of professionals that will meet your standards. The completion time of your white glove delivery is entirely variable depending on distance, international borders, customs, and weather conditions. Also, the more complex the item the more inspections are needed to make sure it will be functioning properly. 

White glove deliveries offer the most control for customers. One can choose inside delivery and assembly from some shipping providers. This is recommended for heavy items that require assembly. This ensures one doesn’t have to break their back once their item has arrived.